This, was an incredibly challenging commission by Aditi Dugar & Prateek Sadhu of Masque restaurant. The brief was to craft table pieces that would reflect the ethos and sensibility of the very holistic approach that the restaurant has to food. We chose to craft a series of apples - in various phases, from unripe to perfectly delicious to overripe & starting to decay. The idea was to showcase the cyclic nature of edible things. Of course, as always, Chef Prateek Sadhu took it to the next level by actually using small pieces of these apples to serve amuse bouches to their guests!


A commission for the amazing Moonshine Meadery. Beautiful bottles, handcrafted from start to finish, for a very special small batch of exclusively brewed mead.


Over the years, the good folk of Indianapolis Hospitality have commissioned us craft collections for their restaurants. This one in particular, was special. Cause, we developed a gorgeous deep burgundy glaze for Rue du Liban, their excellent Levantine restaurant in the Kala Ghoda precinct of Mumbai. We christened this glaze 'The Arja' after Arja Shridhar of Indianapolis Hospitality, who's been a great supporter of our work.



A fantastic, only one-of-its-kind Indo-Japanese collaboration. We created a limited edition collection of sushi serving sets to be boxed in these fabulous Kiribako boxes, handmade by the legendary Hakoyoshi atelier led by master wood craftsman Nagayoshi Yosida. A brilliant collaboration and collection brought about by the efforts of the very intrepid Harry Kosato.


Yet another beautiful collection we crafted for the Masque restaurant. We used the ancient Japanese technique of not using any glaze, just pushing the envelope with higher temperature firings and very well crafted pieces to create a collection of 'bizenware' - of course, we had to rework the process to suit our raw material & specific functional requirements.


It was truly an honour to be chosen to craft a very limited number of sushi serving sets for the legendary Kikkoman brand of soya sauce. This was epic, given the brand's 400 year old legacy and commitment to excellence.


We crafted a beautiful collection for Araku Coffee's flagship cafe in India. We didn't just craft it at our studio but actually used a lot of natural elements of our studio - seasonal grasses as imprints and even studio grown bamboo as handles.

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Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace and beauty, with clay being our medium of choice. At our studio, everything we make is handcrafted from start to finish - and we're obsessive about craftsmanship and aesthetics.