OUR PROCESS We work with stoneware clay & porcelain. Our stoneware clay is a clay body we make ourselves, combining 5 separate elements in a specific proportion. Bhairavi formulated this clay body to give the kind of results we wanted. All the glazes we use are also made right here at the studio. Bhairavi is the resident glaze master! High-fired functional ceramics is the focus and while that is the main medium, at times, the studio works with metal to accessorize select products. Everything at the studio is made by hand from start to finish, fired at stoneware temperatures of above 1222 degree celsius (cone ∆6 & cone ∆7 in potter parlance) and we use gas & wood fired kilns. Most of the work is thrown on the potters wheel, while some is hand built using hand rolled slabs & other hand building techniques. In terms of inspiration, we like to think of our work as extensions of our personalities - and since the studio is largely open air & based on a hilltop in the country, work does tend to get affected by the surroundings. The seasons play a role in influencing the work as do personal leanings towards clean, straight lines & a beautiful minimal aesthetic that is subtle yet commands a quiet presence. We are very clear that we are craftspersons first and not artistes - thats what makes our studios work different. Because we approach our work as full time potters and that perspective is decidedly different from, say a designer who gets work done from others. And while the studio is contemporary in its aesthetic, it is pretty old school in the actual craftsmanship - following time honoured processes of handcrafted high-fired functional ceramics. And in terms of forms both of us do have very specific favourite forms that each of us enjoys crafting. Bhairavi loves making bottles & exploring that form. Rohit is obsessed by teapot.

The struggle is real. So is the insanity!

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Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace and beauty, with clay being our medium of choice. At our studio, everything we make is handcrafted from start to finish - and we're obsessive about craftsmanship and aesthetics.