We handcraft beautiful, high-fired, functional ceramics. The studio is co-founded, run and indulgently mismanaged by Bhairavi Naik & Rohit Kulkarni. At the moment we have only a couple of employees who assist us across the board. Everything, absolutely everything at the studio is made by one of us

At Curators of Clay, we make our own clay (yes), develop our own glazes, handcraft each piece individually & fire our work in gas fuelled / wood fired kilns that we designed ourselves. So, when we say, handcrafted, we mean handcrafted from start to finish.

Well. For starters, we are honest. Brutally so. And if that alone is worth your time, then please do read on! Ceramics cannot really be termed as sustainable. It uses soil, water & fossil fuels (for firing kilns) - all of which are limited resources. But - as a material, it's harmless to the environment - though it will take thousands & thousands of years to become 'soil' again, that is why we find pottery shards from, like, way back. We are craftspersons and we do not claim to save the world. What we do try, is to make every effort to minimise our impact on the environment. For instance, All our packaging - from the boxes we use, to the padding material inside, is recycled, that too from small local businesses, like our padding is surplus sponge & foam from one of Pune's oldest furniture upholstery shops. Oh, and if it helps, as individuals, we've managed to keep our environmental impact to just ourselves - by choosing not to bring any more humans into this world!

Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace and beauty, with clay being our medium of choice. At our studio, everything we make is handcrafted from start to finish - and we're obsessive about craftsmanship and aesthetics.