Curators of Clay is focussed on handcrafted, highfired functional ceramics. The studio showcases a love for the minimal sort of look and our aesthetic code is influenced hugely by the urbane lives we have led with a nod to our personal biases of Japanese & Scandinavian design. The studio is NOT a team of traditional potters and as contemporary craftspersons, both of us do not think it is right to randomly appropriate that cultural heritage - CofC ceramics show & tell the story of our personal lives & influence.

Everything at the studio is made by hand, from start to finish. We are possibly the only atelier of its kind in the country where the co founders are craftspersons themselves. As co-founders, we, Bhairavi & Rohit- are the karigars, the designers, the brand managers & often, delivery personnel as well! And as a studio takes great pride in our craftsmanship and our commitment to the handcrafted experience. Less is always more. And of course, form follows function.

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Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace and beauty, with clay being our medium of choice. At our studio, everything we make is handcrafted from start to finish - and we're obsessive about craftsmanship and aesthetics.