Perfect Short Pink Mugs


These are perfect short pink mugs which are exactly that. Perfect. Short. And pink.

Just right for any beverage you prefer.

Each mug is made individually, thrown on the wheel and high-fired in a our fickle blush pink glaze.

Approximately 3" wide and 2.5" deep, the price mentioned is for 1 piece, including shipping within India.

Every Curators of Clay product is exquisitely hand-crafted, from start to finish.

We make our own clay and glaze compositions to create magic in the kiln. 

Often a glaze will play with the flame to create swirls, flowing gradients and textures - giving every piece it's own personality. 

The beauty of handmade ceramics lies in the unrepeatable quality of each piece of work. 

No two handcrafted pieces will ever be exactly the same. Even within sets of similar forms, each piece will reflect it's own individuality.

Discover the connoisseurship of handmade ceramics: a whimsical glaze, 'throwing' lines that the potter purposefully didn't remove, foot-rings made with precision and perfection, handles designed to ensure that knuckles never burn (or freeze), glazes made to showcase nuance and detail...

At Curators of Clay, we have one simple vision - We want our handcrafted ceramics to be loved, cherished and used every single day!


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Curators of Clay is a pursuit of happiness, peace and beauty, with clay being our medium of choice. At our studio, everything we make is handcrafted from start to finish - and we're obsessive about craftsmanship and aesthetics.